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Services Provided


Broadening knowledge on mental illness, developing coping skills to work towards personal growth and recovery. Facilitation of opportunities for clients to reach their optimal level of independent functioning, seeking to eliminate functional deficits and interpersonal barriers associated with diagnosis.


Assistance in developing personal, social and vocational competency in order for clients to live independently in your own home and community. Encouraging full participation in community life and client's environment, enabling the opportunity to learn, work and socialize to promote creativity, growth and adaptation. 


Symptom/crisis-related monitoring, coordination of services and implementation of safety plans, restoring balance and reducing the effects of crisis in clients life to reduce potential permanent damage. Coordination of services, advocacy and outreach activities offered. 


Individualized service to completely asses and identify behavioral challenges interfering with successful life integrations. Support to those with serious emotional problems, maladaptive and/or disruptive behaviors who may be experiencing a stressful transition or traumatic experience.  


Including but not limited to: advocacy, planning/implementation, effective communication, health education, engagement/resource management, all using evidence based standards. All case management services are specialized to each individual assessment.  


One-to-one mentoring clinical services including social communication, everyday problem solving, conflict-resolution and sharpening independent living skills. 

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